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What Does It Mean To Become A PSP?

To be a PSP or Profit Sharing Partner as we like to call it in our Mission Happi Projects, means you share in the profits, with others like you in one or more of My Happi Place LLC. brick and mortar boutiques. In addition, it means that you also share in the profits of our online store at ShopMyHappiPlace.com. We have spent years developing inclusive projects just like this one, which have made it possible for junior investors to participate in BIG PICTURE money making ideas. One small investment has the potential of increasing your financial portfolio for many years to come.  

So many so called investment opportunities these days seem to always forget about the little guy, the average joe or jill, who also wants to get ahead in life. Moreover, people in our opinion have forgotten about Small Town America, and how it needs our help to survive.  We think we've found the solution with our Mission Happi Projects, and that solution includes you too! Small Town America is back on the radar, and there are many opportunities for economic growth, and money to be made for all. This is your chance to be apart of something truly special, and in the meantime create lasting financial win falls long into your future.  Keep Reading You Won't Be Disappointed! 

What You Can Get As A New PSP: Profit Sharing Partner

    1. PSP: Profit Sharing Partnership Agreement. This agreement states that you are now a Profit Sharing Partner of 40% in one local boutique and share in 20% of all profits of our online store. The details of this agreement have your investment fully protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    2. Profit Sharing Partnership Certificate of Authenticity. This is a one of a kind certificate with your name printed in bold red print, which states that you are participating in a "My Happi Place and Shop My Happi Place dot com" profit sharing partnership.
    3. $100 Welcome Gift Card code to be used a our new Profit Sharing Partners on any thing on the shopmyhappiplace.com online store.
    4. Partner Discounts via email on products and services under the umbrella of the My Happi Place brands as well as other partnered companies. 
    5. First Right of Refusal on new PSP opportunities before being offered to the general public.
    6. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your ROI: return on investment after 36 months we'll refund your full investment minus fees.

Certificate of Profit Sharing Partnership



"I Moved To A Small Town A Few Years Back"

I got the distinct feeling that my family thought I was crazy.

My commute would be much longer and the small town which had been an American jewel in the past had surely lost its luster. It Needed Help!

So I got to thinking, what if I could come up with an idea; one that would revitalize the Small Town America premise whilst adding a bit of modern flair.

I had already developed a knack for combining old things with modern attributes. I did it with my home, built in 1923 by blending older period furnishing with ultra modern anchor pieces. I called it The Happi Manor, put in a traditional Japanese Koi Pond, and opened it as a bed and breakfast. 

bigger, Bigger, BIGGER! I knew I had to think even bigger if I was going to create something that would change the fast of my town and other small towns like mine. 

See I believe that Everyone has a little Small Town America. You know, that feeling of simpler times where cancerous cell phones and narcissistic social media platforms just don't exist. I've created the PSP Program so people like you and me could take part in the restoration of small towns like mine, and enjoy the benefits, even if you are living the big city life right now.

The blueprint for my investment strategy came to me in a dream. You know, one of those dreams where you feel as if you are a SUPER HERO of sorts and are able to do anything. That dream was confirmation that I was on the right path... Now We All Can Be Super Heroes!  

Get ready to start a profitable investment program without leaving the comfort of your own home, with all the heavy lifting being down for you, and a future of financial gains for many year's to come.

Something where a minimal investment can change your life forever!

PSPs: Profit Sharing Partners will have the ability to invest in or across multiple Mission Happi Project categories such as: Real Estate, Stores, Boutiques, Coffee Shops, Mixed Use, Online Marketplaces, Koi Fish, Storage Facilities, Restaurants, etc. 


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Mission Happi Outline

The Three Principles of Mission Happi

  1. Community development through a positive outlook
  2. Uplifting the collective community with a simple but effective investment opportunities
  3. New business development by connecting hundreds of opportunities

Making a Major Impact Through Mission Happi!

From our experience, small town America is being lost because of big city growth and the lack of opportunities. Mission Happi brings those opportunities back to small town America, even if you are not a resident. When small towns lose their economy, it seems as if they just sit and wait for one big investor to come to their rescue. Mission Happi is not waiting anymore! The one big investor isn't coming. Mission Happi is an army of small investors, just like you, who contribute individually into one grand idea. Just one grand idea can maximize lifetime growth and positive change.

What does it mean to be a “Profit Sharing Partner” PSP in one of the Mission Happi project's?

Example “My Happi Place” project.

As a “profit sharing partner” PSP of My Happi Place, you share in 40% of one of our boutique store's profits and 20% of our online shopmyhappiplace.com store profits.

When you complete your PSP agreement you are an automatic full PSP of one My Happi Place boutique store locations.

As long as the store is creating a profit you will receive dividends.

You are a “Profit Sharing Partner” for the life of the store and shopmyhappiplace.com website.

You receive discount opportunities on all store merchandise such as; jewelry, hats, shirts, t-shirts, footwear, mugs etc. We already have hundreds of products for you to choose from, and many more to come. 

You get the satisfaction that you are contributing to something larger than yourself.

You get first right of refusal to become an PSP for new opportunities.

The excitement that you are able to make a minimal financial investment in your future, while helping to grow a small town economy.

Mission Happi works for everyone, allowing even the average joe to make small investments into big ideas. In addition, “Profit Sharing Partners” will make small financial contributions into various Mission Happi projects. A major benefit of Mission Happi projects is that they are directed by hundreds and even thousands of “Profit Sharing Partners”. This means that one large investor cannot use the town like a monopoly board to stall projects that do not fit their personal agenda.

In order for Mission Happi to succeed, it needs you. Individual projects are limited to between 243 and 425 PSPs to insure a successful My Happi Place store. Don't Wait! Mission Happi implores you to think outside of the box, to take a small step into the unknown based on a gut feeling. Mission Happi needs you to trust in yourself, and in an idea.

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Mission Happi makes you a important part of an investment group that will create better lives for so many people. Mission Happi by default will create jobs, positive life changes, new income opportunities, increased happiness, and so much more for the people involved.

While you won't be able to invest more than $1,000 (one thousand dollars) in a single My Happi Place boutique project, you'll be allowed to invest multiple times in separate store's. This will afford you the opportunity to increase your profit sharing partnership portfolio's value as much as you so choose. 

We have created a funding cap on all My Happi Place boutique projects in order to keep the number of PSP's per store down to a minimum, thus maximizing the individually funding PSP's ROI (Return On Investment). The minimum number of PSPs allowed to enter into an individual store investment is 243 and the maximum number or cut off is 425. Help us to bring Mission Happi to a small town community near you.

Our My Happi Place boutique projects are economic growth kickstarters for small towns in America, therefore once you have committed to your investment there are absolutely no refunds or chargebacks allowed. Unfortunately this no refund policy had to be implemented so those with less than positive intentions could not scam the system. Everyone Wins, so rest assured your investment as a PSP is secured and will only be used for Mission Happi projects that bring you a return on your investment/s. 

PLUS, to remove any lingering doubts, here is your…

Mission Happi: Investing in small town American now and into the future.

Don't Let Time Run Out! 



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