My Happi Place's Mission


Viola Stuckey President and CEO of My Happi Place and Shop My Happi Place

 Viola Stuckey: Principle & Founder


Our Mission

We design the only clothing and home fashions in the world that purposefully focus on building and cultivating a Positive, Happi, and Winning Psychology. Our design philosophy is based upon proven methods of positive brain training, geared towards visually simulating the mind in preparation for a true success transformation. Moreover, whether you're wearing or using any of our products, you are engaged in a Positive Transformation that is running in the background of your mind. In addition, our positive, Happi, high energy designs are being projected from you to others out in the world. In other words, you become a beacon for the Happi Lifestyle which reaches out to people who are searching for Happi for themselves. What a great way to introduce something wonderful to the rest of the world!


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