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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kickbooster/Affiliate Marketer for this Mission Happi Project. This project opportunity allows people who sign up through your affiliate link to join us in becoming an economic growth partner.

Each person that signs up as a PSP: Profit Sharing Partner through your personal unique link earns you a $200 commission. This commission opportunity only applies to one product on this website, i.e. the PSP: Profit Sharing Partnerships via our Mission Happi Project.

No other products on this website earns a commission and No commissions will be paid on any other sales made by sharing your link. This is a special Mission Happi commission structure which allows all Affiliate Marketers to earn a higher level commission by promoting Small Town America's Economic Growth through a profit sharing investment opportunity.

As a special bonus, in addition to the $200 commissions paid on each PSP participation, the top 4 performing Affiliate Marketers will be invited to promote our Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway Contest. Upon the success of the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway contest, each of the 4 selected affiliates will share equally in $100,000. This is an exclusive offer afforded to only the top 4 performers who are participating in this economic growth PSP Kickbooster/Affiliate Marketing program.


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