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MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB versus Boosting Happi Projects

We've all heard of “The Elephant In The Room” saying. This article talks about “The Circus Elephant in The Room”. The outrageous side of MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB Home Based Businesses where every business opportunity is presented as if it's “The Greatest Show On Earth”. But, by the time you figure out what's going on it's more like a “Three Ringed Circus”. The internet is jam-packed with advertisements of “get rich quick” opportunities and flashy ads spilling over with images of money as its sale tactic. The focus on greed is extremely disproportionate to the number of people who will actually create wealth while in the MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB arenas. The presenters of these grand business opportunities perform as if there is a limited supply of audience members under the MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB tents. The (HBB) home based business community is growing exponentially and yet the attitude is as if there are only a few people on the entire planet willing to join the ranks.

The Mission Happi Project plans to change this mindset of scarcity and replace it with the idea of abundance. What this means is when you are Boosting Happi and our Profit Sharing Partnerships you're boosting yourself and others into a elevated status of being. The home based entrepreneur should look at “riches” and “wealth” as two completely different aspects of the life journey; “riches” being what a person can accumulate in his or her life, and “wealth” as a state in which one has presented their entire life's portfolio. The entire business model of a keen entrepreneur should rest on these principles and should be transferred to every partner, student, and client alike.

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How do you as a Mission Happi Booster differentiate yourself from everyone else in the “Big Top” of a circus performance? Well I think you tear the tent down completely and allow transparency, to let people see the inner-workings. Let people see what’s going on behind the scene so they can make knowledgeable decisions about where they want to invest their time and money. There should be no attempt to appeal to the human greed mechanisms by flashing images of “riches”, money, or “bling” in HBB business opportunity advertisements. This type of fishing lure tactics are tacky and even boarder line misleading.

Basic psychology tells us that "fast cash" lures are not a strong enough motivator to keep a person working towards their true financial goals. MLM businesses should abstain from tactics which undermine basic human desires. Moreover, MLM, HBB's, and Network Marketing companies should be working towards trying to eliminate feelings of crisis or urgency when it comes to thinking about sustainable success. In other words, we do not want people to be focused on short term greed and miss the larger picture associated with being able to create a better life. Mission Happi Projects are always looking to the future, the long game if you will.

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There is no definite timeline related to a person’s “True Success” so why be stressed about the journey. What we do know is that the chances of success are greatly diminished if a person is focused on the money as opposed to their DREAM. “True Success” is more like cultivating a garden which must feed you long-term instead of for only one month. Opportunist in the MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB should create and cultivate a “True Success” mindset that can never be stolen from them by means of hasty decision making driven by greed. There are business projects which need not lure you to a program with fake promises of becoming “rich”. The entrepreneurial mindset must be built more capable of writing its own ticket when it comes to financial stability and freedom.

In closing, all Mission Happi Projects focus on transparency of business products, services, and ideas. Transparency leaves out the guesswork for new recruits and this helps to eliminate some of the fears of getting into time wasting, life draining, and pointless so called Greatest Show On Earth opportunities. The Mission Happi Booster should seek to introduce clients, partners, family and friends not to the “greatest show on earth” but instead to the “best value” on Earth. This will create a win/win for everyone involved and the dishonest companies will move their “gipsy tents” to the next town over and then eventually out of existence altogether. Participating in HBB businesses should be a pleasurable experience which includes hard work and satisfaction of what is accomplished on a daily bases. However, the MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB experience should not include fear that everyone in this industry is out to grab the last penny you own.

Boost Happi with us and change the way you make “wealth” by helping to create long-standing trust built on a solid foundation. Become a Mission Happi Booster...

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