Positive Interaction and Multi-dimensional Thinking

Having positive interactions on a daily basis requires some level of keenness. Our feelings can in most cases be used to gauge the quality of our thoughts. Our feelings can also be affected by the external experience. It could be a happy clothing brand that makes you feel good about yourself. Our thoughts are fluid and you’re likely to absorb new information if you’re feeling good. This is what is referred to as multi-dimensional thinking and you’re more likely to experience it when you’re feeling good.

When you’re feeling bad, the thoughts are combined in a solid spear with a unidirectional thrust. The ego clouds our thoughts with a tight grip which makes everything about the individual above everything else. There is no new information that will be processed when the mind is in such a state. This is referred to as linear or one dimension thinking.

Qualifying the thoughts

Feeling good or bad can’t be equated to feeling good and evil. As humans, we are constantly on a scale with 10 being ecstasy and 1 a feeling of extreme pain or depression. You are somewhere between the two extremes. Feeling bad has nothing to do with evil. It is usually a sign that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.

In Practice

Looking at personal relationships through the mentioned perspective can help us in identifying ways of improving positive interactions. When you feel bad, our perspective of the immediate external environment changes. The subconscious mind is constantly in battle with the conscious. When we feel good, we can easily look past our shortcomings when interacting with others. The decision making is seen in the best light. This is the opposite when you are mad at someone as we are likely to be highly suspicious of their intentions.

Genre Understanding

The genre of a film will align our thought process of understanding the movie. You’re likely to experience different reactions when you’re watching a comedy or a thriller movie. Emotions can be compared to the genre of a film and our thoughts are the different scenes. It is only by understanding the genre of the movie will you be able to understand why the scenes are the way they are.

Always = Never

Using the word “always” and “never” is a sign that you’re thinking in one direction. The ego always has a big role to play if you find yourself only thinking in one dimension. No one is bad or good. You’re likely to be more intelligent in certain areas or subjects more than others. There is always something new to learn even if you’re an expert in the field. Our ego needs to be contained if you’re to learn more than you know. This also increases the chances of having positive interactions with others. You need to be constantly aware of your thoughts and how they impact the immediate environment around you.

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