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I frequently get asked, “What is your definition of Happi?” Depending on who is asking, I sometimes start with the urban dictionary’s definition: “A sort of mix between, satisfied, content, happy, and joyful." Back in the day when I was a young girl, and the urban dictionary wasn’t around, we were taught you can’t define a word with the same word. Since I still hold this to be true, “Happi” being defined by the word “happy,” continues to support that there is a difference. I’m delighted to share what I think the difference is, and thus share with you how I’ve come to define HAPPI!

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Happi is a mindset, a lifestyle, a framework and state of living. Once Happi started being spelled with an “I” for me, I began to see the very letters of Happi to help me understand its definition, and why Happi is a mindset, a way of life, a framework for moving through life. H-A-P-P-I To really live HAPPI, I would choose to live Here in this moment, Appreciate all that live showers on me, know that I’m a Promise, and that I keep promises to myself; believe in the best Possibility of myself, and create Increased life for myself and others. Here, Appreciation, Promise, Possibility, Increase is how HAPPI is defined and lived by me and many others. Let me share more!

Last week I was really getting the wind knocked out of me by life. I won’t go into the details, but we have all been there; I know you have. So I’m in the shower, crying, feeling sorry for myself, with a case of poor me, and thought to myself, “where is Happi now?” And then my mind answered; “Here, Viola, right here!” (Quick side note, remember how I said Happi is a mindset, well, I have been training my Happi mindset for years now, which is how my mind knew how to answer me!) So back to my mind’s answer: “Here, Viola, right here!” and then in that moment, I could feel the warmth of the water washing over me and warming me like a big hug. I could smell the sweet floral scent of the shampoo, that I had just washed my hair with. The sounds of the rain shower, sang a melody so kind and gentle, I could now hardly breathe because all this “Here, in this moment,” I had been missing it, all because I was off in the past reliving and rushing to the future to prevent, but as Here washed over me, then followed Appreciation.

I took a deep breath, and I gave Appreciation, even for that breath that I had just taken. Appreciation for the flame that fueled the hot water tank; flowers that had grown to sent my shampoo; my ears for hearing the sounds of the rain shower; I gave appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude rushed over me as quickly as the shower drops, and my mind was now racing with all that it was appreciative of. No, the events of the day, they hadn’t changed. Were there still some tough choices I would need to work through in the future? Absolutely, and when it was time for me to plan, to work, and to struggle through even, I would. But non of that was in that Here, and non of it seemed so powerful with all the Appreciation to fall upon. This is when my mind began to remind me of the theme song of my childhood. “I am a Promise.”

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I am a Promise, and I keep promises to myself, because through my extreme ownership of my life; my personal power rises up within me. You see, when life had whooping me a big one, and fear was swallowing me whole, I felt WAY out of control. But the wonderful thing about knowing I am a Promise, while life around me, and others for that matter, might be creating uncertainty-one of my very least favorite things in life; I know how I’m going to think and act, and so certainty is within my power. Because as I take ownership of myself, my thoughts, my actions and I keep promises to myself, I am living into the full Possibility of who I am.

As I keep promises to myself, I step into the authentic love for the fullest Possibility of who I am. My Possibility is the most magnificent version of Viola showing up in the world. As I’m showering myself with self Love, I’m also able to see love for others and life itself. The success of my Possibility is within me, and I Increase into this truth.

Increase is this great Possibility that is already within; growing, developing, springing forth. Life by very definition is about Increase and enlargement-nature shouts this truth to us. The very magnolia tree that I could see out the bathroom window, as I finished up my shower; it isn’t getting smaller each year, it is getting larger-Increasing. It sheds leaves, and then there are more leaves-Increase.

All of this H-A-P-P-I, is always within me, and within you. In the Here, with Appreciation, remembering I’m a Promise, my Possibility Increases and thus, love, life, and HAPPI! While my definition isn't as concise as the urban dictionary's definition, I do hope this story shines a little light on my definition of Happi. Come along on the journey to My Happi Place. I can’t wait to hear your stories of HAPPI!

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