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We at Shop My Happi Place have been celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Our HA line was originally conceived as an opportunity to do what we knew research shows is so valuable for creating HAPPI: CELEBRATE. Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of My Happi Place’s product line is worth celebrating for us; considering what has been learned, relearned, tried, failed, and tried again. What we started doing for ourselves, grow our Happi in My Happi Place by celebrating our Happi Anniversary with our collection, “HA play like a Kid,” we ended up helping others. Ralph Waldo Emerson was right: “It’s one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself first.” Thank you friends for sharing ways the HA collection has supported you. Here are a couple of emails how the “HA play like a kid” line has advanced Happi in people’s My Happi Place. I know these emails will inspire you as much as they have us.


Email letter from customer Candice telling her story

From Candace: I have been smoking for 20 plus years, and 5 months ago I heard from my doctor that I needed to quit-for real this time. While there are promises from the patch and other nature products, I ended up going “cold turkey.” My friend Tina had given up drinking about the same time, and as she would tell me about her commitment to AA meetings, I thought to myself, “man what I wouldn’t give for a CA meeting, cigarette’s anonymous. While of course I couldn’t find one, I did find the principles on line, began using the steps, and found myself 30 days into my cigarette’s sobriety. Tina had shown me her coin that she got for her 30 days in AA, and I thought what a great idea. That’s when I learned about the HA charms and thought to myself, “that’s it!” So I bought an HA charm bracelet as my token to celebrate my Happi Achievement of 90 days not smoking. There is some kind of power in those coins that members of AA members carry around, and I think it’s the same power in my HA charm bracelet. When I put on my bracelet, I get to feel proud of myself how many days I’ve done what I really didn’t think I would ever do. And last weekend when I was out on the lake, one of my favorite places to smoke, I rubbed by charm instead of smoking. Now My Happi Place is smoke free! Thank you for my token of sobriety.


Email Letter From Customer Tom Telling His Story

Tom shared: My wife Sue has been battling breast cancer. There are so many ways that I’ve wanted to protect my wife and support her, I just didn’t always know how. Janice, a coworker of mine is a breast cancer surviver, and she has been there for my wife in ways that I never could have. I was looking for a way to say thank you to her, and I found the HA product line. Happi Appreciation said just what I was trying to say. It was a nice way for me to show our appreciation to Janice for all the ways she has been a support to Sue during this season. What a nice way to express Happi Appreciation.


Emai Letter From Customer Roxi Telling Her Story

Rebel Roxi (her name for herself!): I’ve always been a rebel, and I say that with pride because it has served me well. I get shit done that people say I could never do. It started really at a young age-maybe 5-when my mom would tell me that I was too young to take out the trash by myself. While I know now that was her trick for me, because after I showed her, she was able to get me to take out the trash. Needless to say, that feeling I got when I showed her that I could take out the trash, get an A in calculus when “girls just aren’t good with numbers,” or graduate college in 3 years so that I could travel abroad for a year before I had to start working in the real world and be a grown up. Every time I’ve done what couldn’t be done, I get this rush of energy, and I shout “HA!” You tell me I can’t do something, I rebel, do it, and say “HA!” So when I saw the HA dog tag, I knew I had to have it! HA! has been my reward for rebelling against what everyone says can’t be done, and now my necklace gets to shout my victory for me! Cool idea! Thx MHP for helping me celebrate my rebellions.

While we at shopMyHappiplace.com set out to celebrate our Happi Anniversary and own achievements, we are so delighted that our customers have shared some of the ways the HA collection has hit just the right note of Happi achievement, Happi appreciation, and HA! spirit! We are so appreciative everyone who has shared a story of how the HA-play like a kid collection has facilitated a little more Happi in everyones My Happi Place. (All emails used by permission.)

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