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Let me ask you a question, simple as it may be, but important non-the-less. How important is what you wear in your everyday life? Well the answer to that question, if you don't know, is very important. Have you ever heard the saying, “Clothes Make The Man”? I'll change that saying with a minor update, “Clothes Make The Person”. Every piece of clothing that you own and wear tells a story about who you are and how people view you. Forget about the “don't judge me” and all of that BS. People are judging you, and you are judging other people, despite what you tell yourself. We cannot help it. We all judge other people because that's how we understand whether another person is a good fit for our closest circles. You know that circle of friends, family, coworkers etc.

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We dress to impress a new date or for a job interview, to let that other person know that we have our shit together. There is nothing wrong with dressing up with a purpose, or designing who you are for the greatest and most positive reception from others. Huge confidence can be gained when your attire fits a certain tone or mood for the occasion. Clothing can make you stand taller, hold your head up higher, and boost your confidence to a level that makes you feel invincible. Internal self projected flaws can be masked through wearing a brightly colored shirt or blouse and a clean pair of shoes. A new well tailored suit can bring on positive emotions powering feeling of being able to conquer the world. The right accessories matched perfectly with your outfit, will spark a positive mental state which puts you ahead of the competition.

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Don't get me wrong, not everything is about dressing in an expensive suit to invoke the powerful attitude of being successful. Clothing that cultivates the feeling of being Happi also works to spur on high levels of confidence. In other words, you could be wearing a pair of shorts, clean sneakers, and a purposeful t-shirt, which can turn heads as well. There is a trend happening right now of Positivity Building Clothing sweeping the country and the world. Why is this trend happening now? In my opinion, it's because people are looking to reprogram themselves away from the negative towards the positive. Like a moth to a flame, people are taking charge of their mental state of being and Positivity Building Clothing and accessories are the tools of the trade. People all around the world are seeking to create for themselves and others a Happi Lifestyle.

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The Happi Lifestyle that people are converting to is not only about what you wear but also what you fashion your home with as well. People are designing their homes with items which provoke positive emotions at every turn. Factories and warehouses are churning out items such as; mugs, cutting boards, glassware, wall prints, bed and sofa pillows, and much more, with famous quotes of inspiration. The trend of building a more positive and successful mind through Happi Living is not likely to slow any time soon. People are growing more tired of forced negativity being thrown in their faces at seemingly every moment of their life. I guess it's about taking back some level of control over ones own personal wave of thinking, a way of mood bending for creating better outcomes.

Personally, I believe that a tread moving away from negativity towards everything positive is over due, and I support the movement 100%. One of the core reasons for creating the brand My Happi Place is to help facilitate the personal creation of Better in the world. We need more “better” in the world. If empowering other people through the creation of Happi Lifestyle clothing and accessories is my task, then I gladly and enthusiastically accept the challenge. With that being said, Shop My Happi Place will continually grow its collections of clothing, accessories, and home fashions so that other people can build their own My Happi Place too. So whether you are one of our customers or not, live your Happi Lifestyle the way you want by wearing clothing that enhances who you are and how you want to live your life. Here's to creating the life that makes you Happi!


By: MWDesign

Design Consultant At My Happi Place LLC.

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