Designing Your Life In A State Of Flow by Michaelson Williams

Have you ever been going through your day to day and constantly felt like something is just off? You know that feeling that nothing in the world is right and everything seems to be out of sink. That the timing is off and you are always one step behind of every decision that you make. Progressing forward feels like walking through a river of mud with a huge sack on your back. Well that feeling is what I call being out of the Flow State and it feels yucky. Living life out of the Flow State can make every life situation feel like a losing battle and there is no support team to back you up in the fight. How can you design a Happi life if you cannot get into a state of mind, body, and spirit that will allow you to flow naturally through it? Well you can't or at least it's going to be a long and arduous task.

Man and Woman Designing Their Life In The Flow State

Designing life in a state of flow should be something that everyone gets to achieve. But without creating a synced mind, body, and spirit, how can one reach the Flow State. The state in which there is a since of flowing through life in a way that feels cohesive and natural in almost every way possible. The Flow State reacts naturally in the relationships with family, friends, work, and play just like a northern breeze blowing softly across your face on a perfect warm summer day at the beach. It's Effortless... That's what life should feel like most of the time and when life gets a bit tough returning back to the FloState shouldn't feel insurmountable.

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Anyone can live their life down in the dumps, that's easy! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that being down in the dumps is easy, just that getting there takes no real effort. It takes even less effort and energy to stay down in life than it does to reach the pinnacle of human achievement. But, how do you live life at it's pinnacle and enjoy the journey while you're doing it? Look, not everything in life is suppose to be easy, but on the same note does everything have to be so difficult? The answer is NO! Not when you reach a State Of Flow. I believe that everyone experiences this Flow State that I'm speaking of at least once in life and more than likely many many times. However, the Flow State is likely glossed over even ignored and taken as just having a good day. The Flow State can be dismissed easily because nothing is going wrong and everything is going right. You are Flowing through life!

When there are no bumps in the road do you complain or even notice it at all? Most likely not... However, if the road is riddled with pot holes and the dash of your car is shaking spilling the coffee or soft drink that sits in the cup holder, I bet you'll notice that! There may even be a few explicit colorful words filling the air while you try to contain the contents of the cup. That situation is definitely not in the Flow State. Here's the rub. Achievement of Flow State isn't about getting rid of the bumpy roads that life throws your way. Being in harmony with the Flow State is about how you think and treat that bumpy road. This one is a little tougher to explain but if you can learn to design your life in the Flow State the road doesn't ever matter. If the road doesn't matter then there are no bumps to contend with at all. You are just moving from one place to another or one point on a map to another point on that same map.

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The Flow State or being in a State of Flow is like taking all the curvy lines of the map and moving from point A to point B in a straight line. The Flow State is flying whilst being out of Flow State is the bumpy road. Can you imagine how much more you could get done if there were no bumps in the road, no obstacle to navigate over and around, or no road at all? Can you imagine how much smoother your life could be and how much your level of achievement would increase without these distractions. The truth is that reaching the Flow State and designing a life where you constantly move from one success to another in a straight line, with little noticeable distractions isn't that difficult.

One of the main developments needed to reach the Flow State is a pin point focus and an unwillingness to yield away from that focus, at all cost. The next thing that you need for the achievement of the Flow State is a point A, where you are now, and a point B, where you want to be. Lastly, to reach a State of Flow you must have a belief in yourself that is unrelenting and uncompromising to the point where nothing can stand in your way. That's it! Once you have those things in place and the Flow State just takes over and your level of success will sore.

Author: Michaelson Williams

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