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Daily Positive Thinking

A Guide On Positive Thinking Every Day Negative emotions can have an adverse effect on the wellbeing of a person. It has the potential of narrowing your focus and levels of concentration when working or engaging in any other activity. How you perceive yourself is crucial if you are to have a positive experience every day. It is the little things that make a difference. It could be the positive clothing designs that make your day. Negative emotions could have an effect even on the basic biological instincts. We are not likely to be open to new ideas are experiences which goes against our nature as humans. Negativity Doesn’t Always Work According to recent studies, the brain finds it hard...

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Positive Interaction and Multi-dimensional Thinking

Having positive interactions on a daily basis requires some level of keenness. Our feelings can in most cases be used to gauge the quality of our thoughts. Our feelings can also be affected by the external experience. It could be a happy clothing brand that makes you feel good about yourself. Our thoughts are fluid and you’re likely to absorb new information if you’re feeling good. This is what is referred to as multi-dimensional thinking and you’re more likely to experience it when you’re feeling good. When you’re feeling bad, the thoughts are combined in a solid spear with a unidirectional thrust. The ego clouds our thoughts with a tight grip which makes everything about the individual above everything else....

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Fashion Your Happi Place

Let me ask you a question, simple as it may be, but important non-the-less. How important is what you wear in your everyday life? Well the answer to that question, if you don't know, is very important. Have you ever heard the saying, “Clothes Make The Man”? I'll change that saying with a minor update, “Clothes Make The Person”. Every piece of clothing that you own and wear tells a story about who you are and how people view you. Forget about the “don't judge me” and all of that BS. People are judging you, and you are judging other people, despite what you tell yourself. We cannot help it. We all judge other people because that's how we understand...

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Musings Of The Happi Manor - One

Fuzzy as Fog & Clear as Crystal There was this remarkable fog that came over the property the other morning. Squinting my eyes, I attempted to clarify the murky picture of the sulky in the distance. The garden statue and fountain, that my mind knew were just a few yards away, were enveloped by the fog. There was a wonderful beauty really, in this earthly filter. Grateful that I wasn't jumping in the car, to drive off in the vapors, and yet misty now in eyes, as I thought about how fuzzy my very future seemed. Time passed as usual that morning, I went about the day's to do list, all while still carrying the uncertainty of what is off...

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The Greatest Show On Earth

MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB versus Boosting Happi Projects We've all heard of “The Elephant In The Room” saying. This article talks about “The Circus Elephant in The Room”. The outrageous side of MLM, Network Marketing, and HBB Home Based Businesses where every business opportunity is presented as if it's “The Greatest Show On Earth”. But, by the time you figure out what's going on it's more like a “Three Ringed Circus”. The internet is jam-packed with advertisements of “get rich quick” opportunities and flashy ads spilling over with images of money as its sale tactic. The focus on greed is extremely disproportionate to the number of people who will actually create wealth while in the MLM, Network Marketing, and...

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